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Visas For Life reveals for the first time an important story of the Holocaust. Visas documents the dramatic story of diplomats from many countries and from diverse cultures and backgrounds who saved 250,000 Jewish people from the Nazi terror.

This program is based on original documents and photographs, historical accounts by survivors and original archival records. Diplomats whose deeds have recently been uncovered and documented are continually added to the programs and Visas for Life continues to expand. The story of Cart Lutz's monumental efforts have been part of the Visas For Life program since 1997.

Visas For Life – featuring diplomats who have rescued Jews all over Europe in WW2 - has been exhibited in over one hundred museums and institutions throughout the world, mainly in the United States and Canada, but also at the Yad Vashem Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, the United Nations headquarters in New York City and in more that 20 cities in Switzerland. In the last years Visas for Life was presented in the main European metropoles as Paris, London, Budapest, Stockholm, Vienna and Ljubiljana., as well as in Shanghai and South Africa.