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Dangerous Diplomacy : The Story of Carl Lutz, Rescuer of 62,000 Hungarian Jews

by Theo Tschuy.

Preface by Simon Wiesenthal

the remarkable story of the man who saved 62,000 Jews from Nazi concentration camps.

This volume tells for the first time the courageous story of Carl Lutz (1895-1975), the Swiss diplomat who singlehandedly rescued 62,000 Jews from deportation to Nazis concentration camps a daring action now recognized as the largest, most successful rescue effort ever undertaken in Nazi-dominated Europe.

For fifty years this dramatic story has remained dormant in government archives and among family papers. Available now in English for the first time, this carefully researched biography tells how Lutz, as Swiss Consul in Budapest from 1942 to 1945, defied all diplomatic rules and conventions by issuing protective papers for tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews destined for the death camps. At grave risk to his own life, Lutz also confronted the Nazi menace face to face, including Edmund Veesenmayer, Hitlers proconsul in Hungary, and Adolf Eichmann and his SS thugs.

Incredibly, Lutz was almost totally forgotten by the world after the war and was reprimanded by his own government for having overstepped his authority. Finally, before his death in 1975, Lutz received numerous state honors, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and today is recognized as a Righteous Gentile by Yad Vashem. Dangerous Diplomacy recounts this selfless odyssey with popularly written prose as captivating and moving as Schindlers List.

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 225 Jefferson Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49503; ISBN: 0802839053
Carl Lutz und die Juden von Budapest

by Theo Tschuy.

Die erste umfassende Publikation über den Schweizer Vizekonsul Carl Lutz, der in den Jahren 1942-1945 Zehntausenden von Juden in Budapest das Leben rettete.

Verlag NZZ, Zürich, Schweiz, 1995: ISBN3-85823-551-2


Diplomats for the Damned

"Diplomats for the Damned" tells the story of four diplomats serving in German occupied countries during World War II who risked their careers
and possibly their lives to rescue Jews and others marked for death by the Nazis. Three of the men, Carl Lutz of Switzerland, Hiram Bingham of
the United States and Aristides de Sousa Mendes of Portugal defied their superiors and their own governmants to issue exit visas and other
documents that enabled refugees to safely escape the Nazis. The fourth diplomat, Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz was a most unusual hero. A German naval attaché attached to the German Embassy in Denmark, he leaked word of the impending deportation of Jews to Danish officials who acted on the information to save their Jews.

(Produced by FilmRoos for History Channel in cooperation with the Committee for Righteous Deeds, Los Angeles and "Visas for Life".

World premiere: October 25, 2000 Los Angeles
Chicago premiere: March 5, 2001
European premiere: Spring 2001 in Geneva
Movie: Hidden Heroes of the Holocaust

"Hidden Heroes of the Holocaust", a documentary series that profiles individuals of high moral character who risked their lives and careers to save Jews and other people groups, from Hitler's final solution. Unlike Oskar Schindler, who saved an estimated 1100 jews and was motivated by a desire to seduce women and make money - these unsung heroes saved over hundreds of thousands of lives while resisting temptation to profit from misery. In true heroic fashion, each of these rescuers suffered for the action they took on behalf of others. These documentaries will for the first time reveal their stories to the world, and at the same time explore the moral influences that moved them to deed of self sacrifice.

The first episode in the series "Hidden Heroes of the Holocaust", under the title "Dangerous Diplomacy" is dedicated to the unique rescue
acitivity of Carl Lutz in Budapest. This 60 minute, color, digitally produced documentary will undertake a staggering story of his courageous
and successful efforts in saving 62'000 lives from Auschwitz and certain death. It is a dramatic story of how one man stood against a seemingly unstoppable killing machine during WWII.

(Produced by New Destiny Films, 16305 Shirley St., Omaha, NE, 63130 USA)

Premiere planned for summer 2001 in Switzerland.