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Pictures from the Collection of Agnes Hirschi.
Please note that they are copyrighted.

Young Carl Lutz (ca. 1920).

The British Legation Building Budapest, in the cellar of which Carl Lutz lived for two months.

An original Schutzbrief, issued by Carl Lutz. Holders of these documents were placed under the protection of the Swiss authorities.

The Chain-bridge in Budapest before the bombardments.

The Chain-bridge in Budapest after the bombardment (1944).

The destroyed British Legation.

End of Feb. 1945, group picture of the 30 people who spent two months in the cellar of the British Legation.

A typical crowd of Jews waiting in front of the office at Vadàsz utca begging for protection.

Magda Csànyi, second wife of Carl Lutz.

For his rescue activity in Budapest, Carl Lutz was honored by the State of Israel in February 1959 when a street in Haifa was named for him.

This monument, commemorating Carl Lutz, was created by the Hungarian sculptor Tamas Szabo. It was unveiled in Budapest in 1991.

Berne, the capital of Switzerland, where Carl Lutz spent an important part of his life and where he died in 1975, honored Lutz by naming a street after him.